Licensing Of IP…. A Smart Way To Boost Your Resources.

Category: Intellectual Property

Date: Feb 27,2018

Posted By: admin

Significance of IP as a use by third party is gaining more prominence in the era of internet, innovations and digital mediums. With intense competition spearheaded to maintain quality trademark licensing is gaining reputation. In trademark licensing, a trademark owner (licensor), grants permission to another (licensee) to use that trademark on mutually agreed terms and conditions.
There are different ways to license a trademark. This includes, franchising, merchandising, brand extension, and co-branding. The benefits that one accrues out of the license agreement include additional revenue stream, territorial expansion, and manufacturing, distributing and marketing benefits. The agreement is governed by certain terms and co....

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Hard hitting ---- stringent action against the breach of law.

Category: Non - IPR

Date: Apr 11,2018

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The current event tumbling up in terms of threat to the countries assets is an alarming one. This has led to several questions upon upkeep of the such assets or property, it's misuse, harm to the society and many more unanswered questions.

The ongoing US investment restrictions on Chinese companies by imposing heavy tariffs on Chinese goods is directed towards the later's intellectual property theft. This includes a list of products from aerospace upto machinery and foods. US reports suggests that China's policies has harmed the American economy to the tune of hundreds or billions of dollars in trade each year. US has proposed this as a first move among many.

Another threat emerging the global economy is in the area o....

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