Establishing the worth of your holding is very important in evaluations of business decisions, however that value may be difficult to determine. whether or not you’re licensing intellectual property, involved in mergers-and-acquisitions transactions, evaluating extra analysis and development investments, testing for impairment of goodwill, or intermeshed within the midst of litigation, our teams of experts can bring insight to the complex task of valuing intangible assets.

We have the relevant intellectual property, industry experts and financial specialists like chartered accountants, cost accountants to take care of the valuation of all forms of IPR.)

Intellectual property valuation is needed for the following purposes:

  • Merger-and-acquisition transactions
  • Transfer pricing studies and Section 482 cases
  • Licensing
  • Bankruptcy
  • Collateral valuation for lenders
  • Litigation
  • Goodwill impairment
  • Tax and financial reporting