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Solution for the protection of artwork is cost effective in long term-Copyright.

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Date: Jul 17,2019

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The positive aspects of brands can be better understood and experienced by acknowledging the negative impact of brand restrictions. It includes restricting or eliminating trademarks and logos on packaging which can actually increase the dangers to consumers because of a greater threat of counterfeit goods and services or because of the increased likelihood of confusion which, in some fields, can lead to severe consequences and even fatality.

Protecting the dressing style or the artistic work is more important today considering the trend of packaging and use of artistic works to attract more consumers. Products can be differentiated on the basis of quality and packaging or the artistic work. Copyright helps to secure the trust among the consumers in the following ways:

Benefits of Copyright
Helps in bridging the communication gap by harmonizing trust and Corporate Social Responsibility
Protects the artwork in all the business sectors unlike trademark

Protects the artisticwork exclusively

Need not be renewed unlike the trademark

Can bring efficient communication in rural areas where consumers are more sensitive to the colors and packaging of the product rather than the name

Copyright has the exclusive power to sue the infringer against the infringement of the packaging or the artistic work

The same color combinations or artwork can be used among multiple products for example “Godrej” uses it’s artwork in it’s various products and services, “Maggi’s” logo is same in it’s noodles, sauses, pasta etc.
Since copyright gives worldwide protection and it’s for lifetime, the charges shall be payable only once.

Copyright procedures for the protection of artistic work
i. Filing of application at the office of trademark registry
ii. Attending objections and hearing
iii. Obtaining No Objection Certificate from the trademark registry
iv. Submissions to the office of Copyright
v. Obtaining of Copyright certificate

Role of Makhija and Associates
We, at Makhija and Associates, ensure the probability of registration of the artwork under the Copyright. The cumbersome procedures required towards filing and attending hearing is dealt with ease through our experienced legal team. The delays and time taken by the authorities are tackled with and clients are updated regularly about their application status.
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