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The Artificial Intelligence And The aspects…….

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Date: Jun 14,2020

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The buzzword for 2020 was supposed to be the development of the Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, we all are sitting in our home contributing our best to fight against a global pandemic instead.
AI is set to transform all aspect of our lives including workplaces, homes and vehicles. AI has already hit the large enterprises touching various arenas like internet searching, computers with speech recognition and so on. It is anticipated that AI will be more widespread in everything from car to medicines and so on.
The trends being followed by AI includes, AI as a technology to explore further research, AI for policy and decision makers in Government and business and so on. The first step in maximizing the widespread benefits of AI, is to create common factual basis for understanding of AI vis-à-vis addressing the legal ethical and regulatory challenges.
“AI will transform every facet of society. It brings tremendous promise to improve our lives and the world we live in, but it will require the creation of an AI ecosystem to ensure long-term, sustainable growth”.
Andrew Ng, CEO, Landing AI and
Prominence of “deep learning” is significant in the context of AI. Deep learning, a machine learning technique that has the potential to revolutionize AI. Deep learning is a form of machine learning that tries to understand the world in terms of a hierarchy of concepts and involves multiple levels of data processing.
The USPTO on 29th April 2020 ruled that artificial intelligence systems cannot be recognized and credited as inventors under the current patent laws. The patent laws across the world do not recognize AI systems as inventors but merely as inventing tools. Since AI system cannot be an applicant, the legal basis of the applicants filing the application could be challenged.
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